July 21, 2015

Ask Howie

Did I hear correctly Campbell Brown stating that they might as well be honest as the audience isn't buying the lies anymore?

- Robert B.

At "MediaBuzz," the belief in freedom of the press is supposedly so important. Yet a CBS reporter (Major) asks the president a tough question -- FINALLY -- about this rushed Iranian deal that perhaps could have set these people free -- and your panel is so eager to criticize the reporter! As Americans -- reporters or everyday citizens -- we should be able to ask him WHATEVER AND IN ANYWAY WE WANT about his decision making and policies! HE WORKS FOR US -- WHY IS THE MEDIA SO AFRAID TO PUT HIM ON THE SPOT?

- Kathy

Trump is right in his comments, though his delivery leaves much to be desired. John McCain is not a hero for staying in captivity. As an officer, McCain had a responsibility to not abandon his men, and to share in their hardship.... However, McCain also has a very long record of performance since Hanoi in the US Senate. He must have Stockholm syndrome from his time in Washington DC to be referring to 15,000 of his constituents who came out to listen to some Trump "straight talk" as kooks.

- Randy