July 15, 2015

Ask Howie

'The Cosby Show' is a part of history and that the show should not necessarily not be shown anymore. That was in the past and that is not now. I was waiting for you to say something about the Confederate flag. So many don't have a clue about what it stands for some people. The people on both sides that were associated with that flag are all dead! Now it is tear down statues, dig up graves, rename monuments and streets? How is this different?

- Linda

I am a "flyover" voter and I am weary of the constant coverage of Trump at the expense of legitimate candidates. I believe this is a way the MSM, again, can avoid covering substantive positions of serious candidates.

- Kay T.

I find it interesting that during the heated "interview" with Donald Trump, the NBC reporter (female) seemed unprepared to go up against someone with strong convictions. Maybe the media has had too much luck in having too many self-professed conservative candidates "go wobbly" on hard questions and they don't do well with rebuttal. Your question about whether or not Trump should have gone easier on her begs the question: "If so, does she still get paid the same as a male?" (I am female).

- Louise L.