June 29, 2015

Ask Howie

This morning's panel has forgotten what freedom of speech really means. The freedom to say things even if... it offends others i.e. Confederate flag. Thanks panel for your sophomoric attitude towards our constitutional rights and denying our rights!

- Julie H.

Almost lost our breakfasts watching you and your NYC/Beltway buds glorifying the impending demise of that ridiculous confederate flag. We don't care about that flag, but we DO care about "selective persecution." So... when are you all going after the other racist flags: "La Raza" [the race]..."Black Power"... "Muslim" [vicious racism]... etc., etc. We won't hold our breaths! Would love to have your comments!

- Moira V.

I was hoping you would address the media statements that no president could have addressed the AME church as President Obama given his symbolism and oratory. The article quoted an expert from Stanford who wrote a book on the AME church. I wanted to paste a link but cannot remember if which newspapers I read such article. Isn't this the subtle racism that President Obama was talking about? Does the race door swings both ways?

- Brian B.