June 18, 2015

Ask Howie

Considering the fact that we are usually subjected ad nauseum to ever-replaying video loops of any real or imagined racial animus between white cops and members of the minority community, (usually resulting in the inevitable 24/7 week-long pandemonium created by such inpromptu videos), why is it that we have never seen a video of the confrontation between Michael Brown and Officer Wilson? Why has no member of the media (that I know of) thought to ask about this?

- Andie
from Florida

Given the issue George S. from This Week (ABC) had with the Clinton Foundation a few weeks ago, why was he allowed to interview a Clinton campaign staffer today on "This Week"?

- Greg
from Virginia

Mr. Howard Kurtz! I can’t believe that you would say it's troubling the way he handled the poor 15-year-old girl. Then your partner in crime asks, "I wonder if she would have been white if she would have been treated that way." WTH? As a retired 30 year federal agent, I know it would not matter. In the heat of the moment you just react to the situation. Why would you even go there?

- Manuel
from Texas