June 03, 2015

Ask Howie

Why didn't anyone ask if the women's mags would support the first woman for pres if the Dems ran a male candidate and the Republicans a female candidate?

- Robert
from Connecticut

Do you believe Fox News’ coverage of former Speaker Dennis Hassert has been 'fair and balanced'? 1 minute or less per hour segment and no mention on ANY of the commentary shows. Compare this to 15-20 minutes per hour segments on the Clintons. A former Speaker involved in possible sex with a minor, you can bet if that person was a Dem it would be wall to wall coverage with reporters on site.

- S.D.
from North Carolina

Howie, I think you missed something. On the Schieffer interview, he first stated that it is the job of the journalist to get at the truth of the candidates. When you asked about press coverage of Obama, he shifted to saying that the job is to let the candidates point out shortcomings of the opponent and the press is to watch. Therefore, liberal media coverage became "Republicans said..." and then every comment was seen as partisan and/or racist.

- Linda
from Missouri