May 27, 2015

Ask Howie

Of course Hillary leaked them to the NYT, the Clintons are masters of obfuscation, and the press gushes over how successful they are in doing it rather than condemning them for being so slimy!

- Joe

Love the show. I just wish one of you understood the difference between the following two questions: 1. Knowing what we know today, do you think it was a mistake to attack Iraq? 2. If we had known then what we know now, would it have been a mistake to attack Iraq? The answer to 1 is no (because we now know we acted on our best intelligence at the time.... therefore it was not a mistake). The answer to 2 is yes (clearly it would have been a big mistake on Bush's part if he had known what we now know)

- Anthony
from Minnesota

If Hillary won't engage with the media why don't they just ignore her? Or only send one pool reporter? She might change her tune.

- Sheila
from North Carolina