April 22, 2015

Ask Howie

Such hypocrisy... I never heard Mika referring to Obama as a "little boy" vs John McCain as a well-seasoned, experienced man. He was referred to old and out of touch, as Obama was referred to as having new and fresh ideas. Let's hope the American people are smart enough to see the outright bias this time around.

- Jim
from Wisconsin

I disagree with Mara, we don't care what Hillary is having for lunch!!!! We care about her ability to be President. If the media would stop chasing her around like fools, maybe then she would start behaving like a candidate.

- Barb
from Wyoming

Tom, FL While watching the coverage of the Tampa postal worker who violated air-space in his 'copter', I was struck by the coverage (or lack thereof) about the message he tried to deliver. His apparent cause was a protest against Citizens United and its proliferation of money in politics... and much of the media covered it as a righteous cause.... Had the copter guy been delivering a bagful of tax returns as a protest against the IRS as a call for smaller government, would the coverage have been different?

- Tom
from Florida