March 31, 2015

Ask Howie

I was not a Cruz fan, but with the left and some on the right like Krauthammer, talking him down. I'm becoming a fan. Anyone that doesn't roll over and sticks to his principles, is commendable.

- David C.

Your group (Ferrechio, Concha, & Fowler) were excellent on the subject of Ferguson reporting. I believe Mr. Fowler sees his usual righteous allies as having been "used" in so far as damage to many minority businesses is concerned. The issue of whether the property damages may have been contributed to by erroneous journalistic reporting is at least implied.

- John

This morning on your show (Sun 3/29/2015) the blonde lady said "Ted Cruz will not be president." It is comments like this that shows me that all these guests are arrogant, conceited, and self serving (oh, I forgot prideful) beltway people. I will now change my vote from Walker to Cruz just because of that statement!...What’s wrong with leaving it to "We the people" to decide. No spin? Right!

- Steve
from California