March 24, 2015

Ask Howie

Why does todays MSM not report and stay on the Hillary scandals? THAT’S THEIR JOB! Why is it ok to say MSM will lose interest?

- Nolapatriot
from via Twitter

Howard says Loretta Lynch seems like a strong candidate for US AG. Sooooo, Howard, you think that her agreeing with Holder that Obama's executive actions on illegal immigrants is legal? I do not think she should ever been confirmed!

- James
from Virginia

It has become so very upsetting to see how the media presents a story. For police responding to a disturbance, the media leads with racial interest first, then the “police brutality.” You will see nothing of what caused this to happen and what the victim did to provoke the police. That does not make a good story. You see only the end of the act, but not its beginning.

- Paula
from New Hampshire