March 11, 2015

Ask Howie

Oh, come on, Howie! Scott Walker changed his position on legalization of illegal immigrants. You COULD say he "grew" (a trope commonly used when liberals do it, or even more so when conservatives BECOME liberals), or that he reexamined his position on the basis of more recent developments, or simply -- as he put it -- that he changed his mind... Can't we all agree that intelligent people DO change their positions as circumstances evolve? And not harass Scott Walker or anyone else for having dared to do so?

- Lea
from Virginia

Ben Carson was right the first time, homosexuality is a CHOICE, period. You don't like that because you're just another Hell Bound Heathen Liberal.

- Ben
from Tennessee

Really surprising how the Dems and main street media are covering the Hillary e-mail scandal. Do you suppose that there are many (Dems) who do not think she can win the POTUS position; therefore, they are unusually willing to throw her under the bus? Oh, no, they wouldn't do that. Golleeeeee, how could I think such a thought?!... BTW, I love your show. You exude honesty. Bless you.

- Helen
from Indiana