February 24, 2015

Ask Howie

I enjoy your show and watch whenever I can. I often wonder why you or your panel will not hesitate to point out bias on the major TV networks, but never mention Yahoo. I realize you cannot cover every case, but this is an outlet that gets 9 times more eyes on per day than ABC, CBS & NBC evening news combined. Yahoo is one of the most unapologetically left-leaning legitimate news outlets of the times.

- Mike
from Ohio

While I have always respected Rosen's journalistic skills, I literally spit up my Bewley's Irish coffee when he stated that Harf and Psaki were unfairly "picked on..." because they are women. When Harf and Psaki go opinion shows like Matthews', then they are fair game for criticism. Rosen is only propping them up because he needs access to both of the Valley Girls.

- Bob
from Oklahoma

Regarding the segment about Scott Walker, I actually find his response appealing in that "you'd have to ask President Obama about that." He is absolutely right! Many people could answer the question according to their political leaning, but the best source would be Pres. Obama... I also thought Gov. Walker was completely accurate in saying that these type of questions are not what the public is concerned about... the mainstream media makes news about things that don’t matter and bypass important issues.

- Roy
from Massachusetts