February 10, 2015

Ask Howie

Leave him alone. Williams lied to augment a macho-image, that narrative fits perfectly in the disoriented NBC network. Cable and network, NBC has become a progressive group of liberals, interested only in spin on behalf of their sponsors and constituency. Hillary lied about ‘spiraling-in’ and running while ducking and running for cover, as if she was in real danger any more than Brian Williams was.

- Steve

I was very disappointed re: your program today, Sunday. You spent most of your time examining Brian Williams. Really, who cares? Objective journalism died with the death of the journalists who started TV news...I am referring to Walter Cronkite, Edward R Murrow, Robert Trout, etc., Today we see ‘celebrities’ who read ‘news’ written by others with the bias of the owners of the networks. Who really cares if Brian Williams was shot at or not? I certainly do not.

- Anthony

I think Brian Williams should go, since he seems to have a pattern of embellishment and I think most of the informed public believes he is a liberal in his reporting anyway. If Dan Rather had to go, then Williams should go as well. Will he still get his $10 million?

- Issrep