February 02, 2015

Ask Howie

Please stop tearing possible candidates apart. Our country needs new blood that is not so political. You are not being informative or fair and balanced when you constantly run the possible candidates down. Give all the information to the public and let us decide for ourselves. I'd like to see more men presenting this information and I do not think Fox commentators are being fair to former fox news contributors.

- Janet

How can you blast Lance Armstrong as a cheater, but think it's no big deal if Tom Brady lied to the media? You are upset because it is personal. Interview Tom Brady and maybe you can be just as upset with him. If integrity is important to you stay away from politics, the media, and sports (unless it's golf).

- Ken
from California

Think how those of us in the middle of the country feel about the over coverage of the NYC blizzard? It was covered in advance for two days then covered for 2 days because it didn't materialize. In the middle of the country we get no advance coverage for our snowstorms, and only a 2 minute report when they do materialize.

- Rich
from Missouri