January 26, 2015

Ask Howie

I wish Fox would not let anyone defend Bill Cosby. He obivously did what he is accused of. I do not care how much good he has done. That clown you just had on should not be near Fox!

- Shawn
from Alaska

I know you guys are trying, but a "knowing smarmy giggle" at Saint Sara Palin's announcement of a possible White House run, whether based on fact and knowledge... or not... is offensive to the demographic segment you are trying to reach... Yeah, I am old... 66, cranky... I just got up from my nap... but you may have forgotten... CONSERVATIVE. We despise "knowing smarmy giggle" bubble heads in the media... when commenting on the media.

- David

I was a big fan of your show until this morning when your segment on the deflated footballs aired. Your additional commentator on the right of my screen is an offensive blowhard who is not an expert and has no business spouting off on a topic he is so obviously ill equipped to discuss... Your show is to address the question of WHY the media sharks are circling and if the coverage is fair or convoluted, not be part of the judging process. Bad form Howie... I call offsides!

- Lennia
from Idaho