March 13, 2014

Ask Howie

For some reason FNC only reports negatively on Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. You just played the Jimmy Kimmel interview and you glossed over when Mayor Ford said, "I was elected to clean up the mess in Toronto and I have been successful doing just that". If any of FNC staff took the time and dug a little more you would all stop making a joke of Mayor Ford. He's working on his personal problems and at the same time saving the city of Toronto.

- Pauli
from AK

Not only did Romney say Russia was our #1 adversary, but Sarah Palin said, as far back as 2006 or 2007, that Russia would start to rebuild its empire by taking all or part of Ukraine... I'm not a Sarah Palin fan. But right's right, and if Romney was right, so was Palin.

- Linda
from VA

Bob Costas has in my opinion never been a good sportscaster, and I can but wonder why you give him the air time to further insult our intelligence. Leaning to the left, metaphorically might be shortstop, but this guy is not even in bounds. He even managed to slander Phil Robertson while looking into your face. Do you not have any idea what a Communist looks like?

- Ed
from LA