March 06, 2014

Ask Howie

Why do so many shows, across media, have panels who claim to be analysts or commentators but who clearly are just as much advocates for Obama (or Hillary) as their own paid people?

- Zach

I would be interested in your analysis of the quality of Ukraine coverage. I tend to look for international sources more and more these days to get out if the "talking heads" syndrome.

- Jean

Oh, come on! Are you just carrying a torch for Kerry Kennedy or what? That woman didn't "mistakenly" take an Ambien… she was driving under the influence, which is a crime, and the fact that a jury of New Yorkers wouldn't convict her speaks more about New York juries than it does about Kerry's pill-popping. Let's face it: Juries have trouble convicting people named Kennedy. And you, Howard, apparently have trouble assessing their guilt or innocence fairly.

- Lynda
from VA