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  • Police: Hatchet-Wielding Suspect Shot by Officers

    New York City police shot and killed a hatchet-wielding man on Thursday after he suddenly attacked a group of patrol officers without warning in broad daylight on a busy commercial district in Queens.

  • Contact Tracing Widens as Second Health Care Worker Diagnosed with Ebola in US

    The search for people who may have been exposed to the deadly Ebola virus continued to widen Friday with Frontier Airlines and both federal and state officials reaching out to over 700 passengers and crew, following the diagnosis of a second Dallas nurse who took two commercial flights between Dallas and Cleveland — while possibly showing symptoms of the disease.

  • First Person Diagnosed with Ebola in US Dies

    Thomas Eric Duncan, believed to be 42, who became the first person diagnosed with the killer virus on American soil during the current pandemic, died early Wednesday after a battle that sparked a national debate on screening of visitors from West Africa, which has been ravaged by the disease. His death came a day after officials began treating him with an experimental drug and days after he had taken a dramatic turn for the worse.

  • FBI probing suspect's recent conversion to Islam in Oklahoma beheading

    FBI officials are investigating a beheading at an Oklahoma food distribution center after co-workers said the suspect tried to convert them to Islam after his recent conversion

'Justice' on Benghazi