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  • Letter: Congress First Asked Clinton About Personal E-mail Use in 2012

    The latest revelation comes days after Clinton announced her candidacy for the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination. The announcement followed weeks of questions for Clinton about her use of a personal email account housed on a server set up in her New York home to conduct all official business as America's top diplomat.

  • Iran Leaders Blast US Claims on Nuke Deal, Make Heavy Demands

    Fiery criticism from Iran's Supreme Leader, coupled with steep demands from the upper echelon of the regime, are throwing the nuclear "deal" reached last week into doubt -- with Iran and the U.S. each claiming the agreement said different things, and neither side backing down.

  • Official: At least 3 members of 'Taliban 5' tried to reconnect with terror networks

    At least three of the five Taliban leaders traded last year for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl have tried to plug back into their old terror networks, a government official familiar with the intelligence told Fox News, describing it as an attempt to "re-engage."

  • US Reportedly Backed Down On Initial Goals in Iran Talks

    U.S. negotiators reportedly lowered the bar for their own goals during talks over Iran's nuclear program in response to resistance from the Tehran team. And, on the heels of a framework deal being announced in Switzerland, France's top diplomat on Friday admitted his country had initially held out for firmer terms.

  • Warrant Claims Erroneous LAPD Handwriting Analysis Set Back Durst Probe

    A document examiner's erroneous handwriting analysis 14 years ago delayed authorities in linking millionaire Robert Durst to a friend's death until after he was accused of killing someone else, according to a search warrant.

  • ISIS claims credit for twin suicide attacks in Yemen that reportedly killed more than 100

    ISIS militants claimed credit for suicide bombings that medical sources on the ground said killed more than 100 and injured hundreds more in two mosques during midday prayers Friday in the Yemeni capital of Sanaa, as the nation continued its collapse into chaos, terror and death amid fighting between Islam’s two major sects

  • Standoff between Obama, Netanyahu deepens

    Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday seemed to dial back his pre-election remarks opposing the creation of a Palestinian state -- but that did little to ease the emerging standoff between his government and the Obama administration, which reportedly is considering going to the U.N. to pressure Israel on the matter

  • US Military Official Outlines Plan to Retake Mosul

    A U.S. military official on Thursday outlined plans to retake the vital Iraq city of Mosul from Islamic State terrorists as early as April -- an unusual move that swiftly drew criticism that the Pentagon was revealing too much information to the enemy.

  • Obama Opens Door To 'Limited' Ground Combat Operations Against ISIS

    President Obama on Wednesday opened the door to "limited" ground combat operations against the Islamic State, as he asked Congress to formally authorize military force against the terrorist network. The president, in a proposed resolution and a letter to Congress, underscored the "grave threat" posed by ISIS.

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