• In New York harbor stands a mighty woman with a torch, beckoning the huddled masses yearning to breathe free, and the wretched refuse from tempest tossed shores to her as she lifts her lamp beside the golden door.

    And they were by all accounts just that -- a family fleeing a tyrannical government. A family seeking political asylum. The very people to whom that mighty woman holds out her welcoming torch.

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    I'm Judge Jeanine Pirro.

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    This week, as America wakens from the nightmare visited upon Boston, as many painfully start the long road to recovery, we begin to comprehend the enormity of the violence that was visited upon us.

    The Tsarnaev family - a father, mother, two sons - were granted political asylum in 2002. We opened our arms to them. Showered them with and food, and money, and housing, and education, and all the freedoms of American citizens.

    And look at how they repaid...


    And here's how Tamerlan's mother describes her son...


    ZUBEIDAT TSARNAEVA: . . .but all around he was really nice and very like -- he never rejected anyone American just because they are Americans.



    He never rejected anyone American just because they were American? After opening our arms to you, we should be grateful that you and your terrorist son didn't reject us?

    And listen to what this loving mother says of her 19-year-old son clinging to life.


    TSARNAEVA: My oldest one has been killed, so I don't care. I don't care if my youngest one is going to be killed today. I want the world to hear this. And I don't care if I am going to get killed, too. Ok? And I will say Allahu Akbar.


    Does that sound like a mother already devastated by the death of one son? Or a woman on her own radical jihad -- willing to sacrifice yet another son in honor of their god? And get this one...


    TSARNAEVA: Why didn't they send him to the Guantanamo or whatever? Why did they kill him?


    Why didn't they send him to Guantanamo? So now you knew he was a Muslim jihadist? That you raised a Muslim jihadist? If he's innocent, why would he even need to go to Guantanamo?

    And get this one...


    TSARNAEVA: Why did I even go there? Why? I thought America is going to like protect us, our kids, it is going to be safe for like any reason, but it happened opposite. My kids just -- America took my kids away from me.



    America took your sons from you?

    They killed Americans. They injured more than 200. Blinded, deafened, and blew legs and arms off of innocent civilians. Turning the city of Boston into a locked-down war zone of casualties, amputees, and a future of post traumatic stress.

    And America should protect you?

    Your sons killed us.

    We're the ones who needed the protection.

    And you ask why did I even go there? I'll tell you why. You came to suck the fat of our land.

    To take our money.

    To educate your terrorist sons.

    To steal from us.

    To go on public assistance.