• With: Kim Strassel, Dan Henninger, Steve Moore, Joe Rago

    MOORE: Well, by the way, Terry McAuliffe is about as much a Virginian as you and Dan Henninger are.



    GIGOT: Hey, I lived in Virginia for 13 years, my friend.


    MOORE: I know you did. But you know --


    GIGOT: I escaped the Beltway. You stayed there!


    MOORE: He's about as -- look --


    -- he is a creature of Washington. And the point about Virginia politics, it's very interesting, there's northern Virginia, which has a huge population, which is connected to Washington, but then there's the rest of the state, which is more a southern state. And Ken Cuccinelli will have to clean up in those areas outside of northern Virginia in a big way, places like Virginia Beach and Richmond, to make up for the ground that he loses.

    But you're right. Virginia is the ultimate battleground state right now. If Terry McAuliffe wins with this strategy in Virginia, you can bet your -- you know, you can bet that this is going to be used in a lot of states in 2014.

    GIGOT: How does the shutdown in Virginia -- about 30 percent of the electorate is in the D.C. -- Washington, D.C., suburban area. A lot of them are government workers. This can't be helping Cuccinelli.

    HENNINGER: It can't be helping at all. And I think it probably just reinforces the negative message that McAuliffe is running against Cuccinelli. It's the last thing he needed.

    Now his people are saying, we didn't need the government shutdown because it makes it hard for us to talk about all the positive things that Cuccinelli represents. Just to pick up Kim's point, the Democrats, from the president on down, in every election, run the same negative model over and over. I remember watching Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primaries four years ago. She was terrific, but it was an entirely negative message. By now you would think Republican candidates would have figured out how to respond to these charges. They would be prepared going in for them. But it seems they never are.

    GIGOT: How important is this campaign, McAuliffe's victory, for the Hillary Clinton candidacy in 2016, Kim?

    STRASSEL: Look, Hillary Clinton is out stumping for him, has endorsed him, is raising money for him. Because she knows that Virginia is one of those absolutely vital state to getting the electoral votes that you need if you want to win the presidency. And Terry McAuliffe is many, many things, not all of them pleasant, but what he is very good at is raising money and getting out the vote. If he is the governor of Virginia, he is going to make sure that every little last piece of apparatus in that state is geared towards helping a Hillary Clinton's presidential run.

    GIGOT: Steve, prediction? Briefly?

    MOORE: Ken Cuccinelli is not out of this race. He's down in the polls but I think it could be very close.

    GIGOT: All right, thank you.

    We have to take one more break. When we come back, "Hits and Misses" of the week.


    GIGOT: Time now for "Hits and Misses" of the week.

    Steve, first to you.

    MOORE: This week, DreamWorks rolls out its new movie, the "Fifth Estate." This is a movie that aggrandizes the Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, which of course, is the organization that leaked tens of thousands of highly sensitive information. All it benefited was the terrorists. Shame on Hollywood. Paul, if you want to do your patriotic duty this weekend, do not go see this movie.

    GIGOT: OK.


    RAGO: Paul, the sharks are back. A hit this week to Mark Cuban, the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, who beat specious insider-trading charges brought by the SEC. Defendants usually settle, rather than fight. Hopefully, this will help set a precedent for the non-billionaire accused.

    GIGOT: OK.


    HENNINGER: Paul, a huge hit this week to Army Captain William Swenson, who was given the Army's highest award, the Medal of Honor, the military's highest award, for actions he took at the Battle of Gonjall (ph) in 2009 in Afghanistan, repeatedly running under enemy fire to save wounded comrades and get them on to safety. Barack Obama talks all the time about how we are getting out of Afghanistan. I'm glad we're recognizing the best people we have and what they did while we were in Afghanistan.

    GIGOT: Hear, hear, Dan.

    On the Mark Cuban case, it's five year, this is nearly five years this case is going on. Mark Cuban is a billionaire. He could afford to defend himself in court and spend all that money on legal fees. As he said, after the verdict, the average person just doesn't have those resources.

    RAGO: Right, just gets completely crushed by the federal apparatus.

    GIGOT: So hear, hear. Maybe he should finance some of the other folks that want to defend themselves.


    And remember, if you have your own hit or miss, please send it to us at jer@FOXnews.com. And be sure to follow on us Twitter, @JERonFNC.

    That's it for this week's show. Thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. I'm Paul Gigot. Hope to see you right here next week.

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