• GIGOT: There's new evidence -- I want to get on the record, for our viewers, there's new evidence here that's come out reported by "ABC News" about the e-mail -- not the e-mail, the talking points which were distributed to the government as a matter of routine about what to say about something like this -- were altered 12 times, right?

    STEPHENS: Right. And this is a highly important part -- point. Early on, we heard from Jay Carney, White House spokesman, that the talking points had all come from --

    GIGOT: From the intel community.

    STEPHENS: From the CIA, from the intel community. Now we're learning that various departments were getting in their equities, basically bureaucratic cover-ups where they didn't want to point out that CIA had been warning for months that diplomatic facilities and Western diplomats in Benghazi were under increasing threat. And so it was a classic case of bureaucratic and political cover-up leading up to Susan Rice's testimony on the 15th of September.

    GIGOT: Frank Wolf, Congressman from Virginia, Jason, has been arguing for the House to put together a select committee instead of the five committees with disparate interests that are looking into this. Do you support that idea?

    RILEY: I think it's a very good idea. And, look, they may come to the same conclusion as the committee that's already looked into this. We don't know. But an ambassador--


    GIGOT: You mean the review board, the review board.

    RILEY: Yes. But, yes, I think a bipartisan select committee. I think this does warrant that it rises to this level.

    GIGOT: This review board never even interviewed Secretary Clinton, Dan? Do you understand that?

    HENNINGER: It's impossible to explain. The FBI did not interview Gregory Hicks when they were in Tripoli. I do not understand that. And I think that's why -- we need a reboot of the national security agencies on issues like that. And they're one of the only mechanisms to do that is a committee of Congress, like they did under Watergate, looks into this, issues the report.

    GIGOT: Dempsey, as well, chairman of the Joint Chiefs.

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