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    RILEY: I love that line in the clip you played, "more educational bang." "If you want educational bang for your buck." Paul, between 1970 and 2010, 375 percent inflation adjusted increase in education spending in this country. 875 percent. Math and reading test scores flat over this period.

    GIGOT: Joe, what's the lesson here though of this? Is it worth trying to invest in some of the programs, maybe for lower-income kids or try some experiments? Where do you take this?

    RAGO: No, I think the evidence shows that the west programs are the ones that are targeted at the kids with the most need. And they're not universal, but they apply to the most disadvantaged in society.

    GIGOT: Right.

    RAGO: The problem is, with Head Start, since 1965, we've been following that approach, and it's not working. And so, what happens is, government fails and then we have to expand it. What the lesson is, we need to try something different. What we're doing right now is not working.

    GIGOT: And the president wants to expand this to 400 percent of the poverty level, which is, of course, right into the upper middle class even, or at least, relatively affluent.

    We have to take one more break. When we come back, our "Hits and Misses" of the week.


    GIGOT: It's time now for "Hits and Misses" of the week.

    Collin, first to you.

    LEVY: Paul, this is a hit to veteran "Washington Post" journalist, Bob Woodward, for basically standing up to the Obama administration this week. You know, Mr. Woodward basically has criticized the White House for trying to blame the budget stalemate on Republicans and saying they were jeopardizing national security. He says that the kind of behavior he received from the administration is madness, and he hadn't seen anything like it in a while. And he should know since he covered President Nixon. So this is a hit to him for refusing to be bullied.

    GIGOT: He's being excommunicated from the Beltway press corps.

    All right, Joe?

    RAGO: Paul, you remember Dennis Rodman, former basketball star, cross- dresser, used to --


    -- used to date celebrities. Well, now, he's taken up with little Kim.


    A miss this week for Rodman, who is in North Korea, amid the gulags, called Kim Jong-Un a friend for life. I think there's a reason they used to call him "The Worm."


    GIGOT: James?

    FREEMAN: I can't top that.


    FREEMAN: But I do want to give a hit to Heisman trophy winning, Texas A&M quarterback, Johnny Manziel. And some guys from something called "Dude Perfect," they've created what is the most popular online video among the teenagers in my neighborhood. Basically, a good clean fun where they're throwing footballs from the top of the A&M football stadium and going through basketball hoops, hitting targets. There's so much garbage on the Internet, I just want to applaud these guys for creating some nice entertainment that we don't cringe at.

    GIGOT: You're letting your boys watch it?

    FREEMAN: Absolutely.


    There's not much out there you can let them watch, so thanks to them.

    GIGOT: OK.

    And remember, if you have your own "Hit or Miss," please send to us at jer@FOXnews.com. And be sure to follow us on Twitter at JERonFNC.

    That's it for this week's show. Thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. I'm Paul Gigot. We hope to see you right here next week.

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