• With: Kim Strassel, James Freeman, Dan Henninger, Mary Kissel

    Wrestling has been an Olympic sport for 2800 years. This is an outrage.

    GIGOT: All right.


    KISSEL: I like to give a really big hit to Florida Senator Marco Rubio, who turned his sweaty, awkward swig of water during the State of the Union response, so-called Gulp-gate, into a political asset, by making fun of himself afterwards. He even posted a photo of a water bottle on Twitter, gained thousands of followers. It just goes to show that, in this age of gotcha politics and instant social media ridicule, a little humor can still go a long way.

    GIGOT: All right. We'll see if it helps him along the way.

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    That's it for this week's show. Thanks to my panel and especially to all of you for watching. I'm Paul Gigot. We hope to see you right here next week.

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