• With: Jason Riley, James Freeman, Kim Strassel, Dan Henninger


    HENNINGER: Paul, at the end of the two conventions I'm going to give a hit by drawing attention to the 92-year-old Kentucky farmer and world war ii veteran, Earl Jones, who gunned down a burglar in his home this past week, said he has no regrets and has become a national hero for bravery and protecting himself. Now, as Clint Eastwood might say, you've got to be asking yourself, would a rugged individualist, like Earl Jones, be more likely to be invited to the Republican National Convention or the Democratic National Convention. I think that question answers itself.

    GIGOT: You know, the other thing, Jason, is, why did that investigation leak at this time?


    You're not supposed leak that you're investigating somebody before they're charged.

    All right.

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    That's it for this week's edition of the "Journal Editorial Report." Thanks to my panel and to all of you for watching. I'm Paul Gigot. Hope to see you right here next week.

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