• With: Dan Henninger, Mary Anastasia O'Grady, Bret Stephens, Michael Mukasey

    HENNINGER: Well, sure, everyone laughed and I suspect they then said to themselves, why am I laughing at this. Here you have Secret Service agents out there thinking this it is no big deal to solicit hookers. And why should she not think that, when the president of the United States thinks it is a joke?

    GIGOT: OK.


    O'GRADY: This is a hit for the governor of Florida, Rick Scott, who upheld the Second Amendment this week. The GOP convention is in Tampa, as you know, this summer. And the mayor wanted to put a ban on guns in the whole city. Governor Scott said, look, there is a ban around the convention center, and that's enough. People get to carry their guns.


    GIGOT: OK.


    STEPHENS: This is a miss for Elizabeth Warren, or as her best friends like to call her, Tonto Schwartz. The former consumer advocate for the Obama administration, now running for Senate in Massachusetts, made a claim at one point in her university career that she was a Native American. This is transparently false, although some genealogists say she may be one- thirty-second Native American. She says she knows it because it is part of her family lore. Part of my family lore is that I am the last emperor of Russia --


    -- and I would love to stay in the Winter Palace, but the different is I know that that's a lie.

    GIGOT: Would that get you a slot on the Harvard faculty, Bret?


    OK. All right.

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