• This is a rush transcript from "The Journal Editorial Report," January 26, 2008.

    PAUL GIGOT, FOX HOST: Up next on the "Journal Editorial Report," with South Carolina in the rear view mirror the Democrats look ahead to Super Tuesday states. Will their war of words get nastier as February 5 approaches?

    Plus, the showdown in the Sunshine State: Is Tuesday's Florida primary a must-win for Rudy Giuliani?

    The White House and Congress hammer out a deal on an economic stimulus package. Will it work? Our panel debates after these headlines.


    GIGOT: Welcome to the "Journal Editorial Report." I'm Paul Gigot.

    With South Carolina behind them the Democratic presidential candidate can now turn their full attention to the Super Tuesday states where the war of words between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama is sure to continue. Tensions between the two campaigns erupted anew this week with bill Clinton reprising his role as attacker in chief in a performance some Democratic officials are calling down right unpresidential.

    Joining the panel this week, "Wall Street Journal" columnist and deputy editor Dan Henninger, columnist Mary Anastasia O'Grady, Washington columnist Kim Strassel and editorial board member Steve Moore.

    Let's go to a tape shot of an exchange this week at the Democratic debate.


    HILLARY CLINTON, (D), PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE: You said two different things because I have read the transcript. You talked about Ronald Reagan being a transformative political leader. I did not mention his name.


    CLINTON: Well, I'm here. He's not.

    OBAMA: I can't tell who I am running against sometimes.


    GIGOT: All right, Kim, whom is getting the better of that exchange between Barack balance and, let's face it, team Clinton?

    KIM STRASSEL, WASHINGTON COLUMNIST: You know, a lot of people out there seem to think this is bad for the Clintons and you have had a lot of political leaders on the Democratic side come out and chastise him for doing this, but you know, I argue yet again this is planned by Clintons, a tactic by the Clintons. They present themselves present themselves as under siege and go out and say everyone is against us.

    The idea is to motivate Hillary supporters and they are going after him and when he fights back they say look we are getting attack. I think this is helpful to them and I think it was proven.

    GIGOT: This is helping the Clintons?

    On that point, Dan, I want to read a quote from James Carville, a long time Clinton strategist. He said, "Obama runs the risk of being 'woosified', quote, unquote, with his attacks, whining so much and complaining about the attacks."