• Our Southern border is a complete mess. Truth is, we don't even have a border right now. Borders restrict access -- what we have is an open door. President Obama told us we could keep our doctors if we liked them and we could keep our health insurance, and we would pay $2,500 a year less for it; he said Benghazi was caused by a little video; and he told us he would get to the bottom of the IRS scandal; the same president said there was a red line in Syria; he said our borders were more secure than they had ever been; his Justice Department pursued conservative filmmaker D'nesh D'Souza, but not the people who botched Fast and Furious; This president also made this absolutely bogus promise.


    Well, in reality, this administration makes the darkest days of the Nixon administration look like a glass bottom boat off the Cayman Islands. In the disaster along our Southern border, border agents, HHS workers, even volunteers are told "see nothing, hear nothing, and speak nothing." The press are given strict rules as to what they can see, record, ask, and report. Which leads me to ask -- what's worse, a president who think that he can suspend the First Amendment, or a compliant and cowardly press corps that goes along with this abuse of office? I fully understand that no elected official is required to help load a gun pointed at his head; no law says one has to answer questions or grant interviews, especially if one knows the reporter is biased and incapable of getting the story right. But public facilities using public money and run by public employees are the public's business.

    When Congressman Jim Bridenstine of Oklahoma attempted to visit the warehoused illegal immigrants at Ft. Sill, Oklahoma in his own Congressional district, he was told he couldn't come. Now later he was told he could come, but he was given a long list of restrictions. Are you kidding me? We elect Congress to ask questions and have oversight of the way our money is spent. Saying to a Congressman that he can't do his job and even enter a federal facility in his own district ought to outrage every bonafide journalist in America. I've gotta ask -- where is the outrage? Where are the journalists? Because, if the press won't practice the First Amendment, they will surely lose it. Look, I am not a journalist and I don't even play one on TV. I'm admittedly a partisan who ran for and held public office under the auspices of a political party. I readily confess my point of view. But there are too few press people left who will scream out loud when a president lies and covers up the activities of a government that is supposed to be serving us.

    This week, 38 journalists with the Society of Professional Journalists did send the president a letter that lays out their case for how this administration has stonewalled the media from getting accurate information and access. Well, finally!

    Now, as for the immigration mess, I'm genuinely sad for babies and little kids who are virtually tossed over our border to try and get a foothold in a free country, but if this is a humanitarian crisis, then it's the president's lax policies that have created it. And if it's urgent, the president ought to stop playing pool with his buddies, cancel some high dollar fundraisers for his political cronies, and get down in the middle of it and show some leadership to take charge of it instead of just taking checks from big donors. President Obama's actions would be the equivalent of going to New Orleans in the height of Katrina to eat Creole food, but never visiting the 9th ward, the Superdome or the Convention Center. And the press needs to hold him accountable or we may lose this great Republic because the watchdog has become a lapdog. If thousands of babies in diapers and little kids can get across our borders, do you not wonder how many terrorists are walking across every day? And this president and a compliant and a blind press should be held accountable as co-conspirators.