• Last week on this show, I told you that your government had lied to you about the attacks in Egypt and Libya when they claimed that they were just the acts of a spontaneous mob in reaction to a YouTube video. I said then and I repeat now, I normally would not have used such strong language and made such a bold declaration, but the continuing revelations confirm that my statement was not an exaggeration. Our government has lied to us. And they did it knowingly. Our ambassador to Libya isn't dead because of some little film; he's dead because we failed to heed the warnings and evidence that an attack was imminent. It took this administration two weeks to finally acknowledge what the rest of the world already knew -- this was a carefully planned and plotted terrorist attack. The president of Libya knew it; the Egyptian president knew it; and the White House knew it. But unlike those presidents, ours wasn't honest with us and tried to continue that the official story about it was that this was all about a film that insulted Mohammed.

    The real question is why would the administration embarrass itself by hoisting such a whopper on us and then thinking we wouldn't find out the truth? Why would they even hold a memorial for the slain ambassador and not respect that his was not an accidental death from an overheated mob, but was the work of evil and vicious, cold-blooded Islamist jihadists? Is it because he wanted us to believe that the death of Usama bin Laden was the death of terrorism and Al Qaeda? Was it for the same reason that to this day, the Ft. Hood shooter has never been acknowledged as a terrorist despite the fact that he screamed a Muslim slogan as he murdered 14 people at Ft. Hood and had cavorted with known radical Muslims? Was it for the same reason that to this day, this administration refuses to label the assassination of a soldier in Little Rock and the wounding of another a terrorist attack, even though the shooter was a radicalized Muslim and has openly and publicly declared that he carried out the shooting as an act of jihad and the shooter's own father on this very show stated that his son had abandoned his Christian faith, become a Muslim, went to Yemen and was radicalized and came back expressly to kill people for Islam?

    Why the lies? Why the cover-up?

    It's time to demand that we no longer make excuses or apologies for jihadists. They are not the same as us. Yes, there are moderate Muslims and not all Muslims want to kill us, they don't hate us, and certainly not all of them are a threat. But there are those who use their religion as the basis for their hate and savagery.

    I say no more lies. No more apologies. No more cover-ups. Richard Nixon resigned because of lies and cover-ups; Bill Clinton was impeached for lies and cover-ups. Where is the accountability in this administration?

    Own up to the fact that we are at war with an evil force that will never be mollified or satisfied until we are all dead. This is not about political offices or expanded geo-political borders. This is about the survival of our civilization. And if this administration can't or won't lead in the battle, then step aside and let someone do it who won't lie to us and endanger our children.