• For a president who said he was going to focus on jobs and the economy, I guess he decided that maybe his policies were nothing to brag about so he decided to give a full throated expression to an issue that's going to be far less controversial---same sex marriage.

    After Joe Biden pretty much outed him last week on "Meet the Press" by speaking of his comfort with people of the same gender getting married, President Obama hurriedly summoned a cordial interviewer to the White House so he could publicly state that he no longer believes what he claimed to believe four years ago when he said he believed in the traditional view of marriage of one man/one woman.

    Now, when a Republican changes his mind, he's a flip flopper; when a Democrat does it, he's evolving, and showing courage. Even more interesting, Obama invoked Jesus to justify his breaking with 5000 years of recorded human history and the only legal definition in western civilization of marriage. This isn't the first time that Obama has channeled Jesus to make a policy point. When he spoke at the national prayer breakfast in February, he said Jesus wanted us to pay more taxes. Now he thinks Jesus wants us to abandon an indisputable Biblical teaching about marriage because his daughters think it's a good idea. Gee, when my kids were in junior high, they thought it would be a good idea to skip school, have pie for breakfast, and stay up until midnight on school nights.

    But what I would like to know is why is it okay for Barak Obama to publicly invoke the name of Jesus to justify high taxes or same sex marriage, but when I mention that my faith leads me to accept what Jesus said regarding marriage as "a man shall leave his mother and father, and a woman shall leave her home and the two will become one flesh," I get whacked by the press and the pundits? I've been called a narrow-minded bigot, a homophobic hate monger, a neanderthal, right wing religious kook, and other things not mentionable on family television. So if the press isn't going to jump on President Obama for bringing up Jesus, then I want there to be a long line from the NY Times, the Washington Post, Newsweek, the Huffington Post, Salon, and numerous others who can come and kiss my...ring, and publicly apologize to me for being the real religious bigots who love religious talk only when it agrees with their own views, but hate it when it conforms to the longstanding teaching and tradition of the faith itself.

    85% of Americans believe in God, and the vast majority accept the teaching of the Bible as true. In 31 states where the people actually vote to affirm traditional marriage, the people in all 31 have said marriage still means two people of opposite genders -- even in liberal states like California and Maine. Now, I don't think that puts my view in the extreme, but the mainstream.

    I appreciate the president talking about morality, Jesus, and marriage. Now the rest of us can freely discuss it as well. I just hope that he won't forget that millions of Americans don't have jobs, they've lost the value of their homes, and they can't afford to retire in no small part due to his understanding of economics. And I hope he won't blame that on Jesus.