• Theories as to the problems in the Republican Party are as numerous as possible murder suspects in an old black and white episode of Perry Mason.

    This week the fight broke open between N.J. Governor Chris Christie and Senator Rand Paul over Christie's contempt for Paul's libertarian-leaning views.

    I'm sure some pundits are going to say, well it's another example of the split in the GOP.

    We hear that the party is in trouble because Republicans refuse to abandon their pro-life plank, or because they won't officially embrace same-sex marriage. Some say, it's because they won't accept an immigration reform scheme hurriedly passed through the Senate. Or it's because they wouldn't shred the Second Amendment and pass some lame feel-good legislation that wouldn't have stopped the crimes that it was designed to prevent. Others say, it's because they oppose ObamaCare, or because they didn't stop sequestration by giving in to the spend-a-palooza that the Democrats wanted. Republicans, well, may have lost their way, but it's not because they won't move to the left to become nothing more than a calorie-free version of Democrats, but it's because they've forgotten to respect and reach out to the people who really make this country work. Oh by the way, it's not the guys in expensive suits in the corner office with a great view.

    My wife and I were in Boston recently and we went to Fenway, America's greatest baseball park.

    It's 101 years old. It may not be as fancy as the newer ones, but it's got class and it's a shrine to America's pastime.

    I took some photos of people who, well, I think, are as important to the experience as the athletes who get paid millions to be on the field. These are the guys who carry heavy things up and down the stairs in the heat of the day for hours.

    Now, they are on their feet the entire time. They work hard for their money. And to most people, they are just a distraction or maybe an obstruction to seeing the game.

    I see those guys and I see what makes America great. People working hard and sweating to earn a living so one day they can sit in those seats rather than just haul hot dogs, peanuts and beverages up to them.

    People who lay brick have a gift. I value the people who work with their hands and can do the things I can't do. I can't fix a water faucet; I can't wire a house, or fix a car or an air conditioner. And the people who can are valuable. I've never played golf, but I have as much appreciation for the people who tend to the grounds as those who drive the carts. Republicans need to attract people from the Boys and Girls Clubs, not just the country clubs. They need to communicate why big government and high taxes hurts the guy who is building the skyscraper, not just the guy who owns it. They need to explain why educational choice gives the children of working single moms the same opportunities as the kids going to the finest private schools. They need to explain why failed energy policies of the Democrats are costing them at the gas pump and in their electric bills; I grew up having a lot more in common with the people working in the kitchen instead of those sitting at the head table. To be honest with you, I had to learn how to sit at the head table. I knew how to clean up when the banquet was over.

    Now, you explain to the wait staff at the GOP fundraiser how you're going to help them, and you won't have to worry so much about the people who paid $10,000 for their ticket. Don't begrudge the under-employed family getting food stamps and then justify bailouts for AIG, Goldman Sachs, and GM.

    The problem with the GOP is not because it's pro-life, pro-marriage, or that it's too conservative. It's convincing the masses and majority that they aren't invisible.