• I've never had a job that was a strict nine to five job. Even the jobs that I had as a teenager for which I was paid minimum wage and by the hour, they weren't strict by the clock jobs. It's always been that my jobs required completion of specific tasks, and if it took longer than 40 hours a week -- and it almost always has -- then so be it. Vacations in my life have been pretty rare.

    Lots of travel, but few vacations where I was completely disconnected from duties and responsibilities. I've written chapters for my 12 books at 35,000 feet in the air; I've recorded and uploaded the Huckabee Report radio commentary in Israel, Ireland, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Italy, and Spain. I've often worked all-nighters to hit a deadline. Basically, I've worked my tail off.

    Now, my Dad didn't finish high school, but he was a pretty street smart guy, and he drilled into me to give my best to whatever job I had. Show up early; stay late, and never be asked but once to get something done.

    But I've been watching our federal government in Washington lately, and by gosh, I realize I'm a sucker. I'm working long hours and long days to pay for the people in Washington to take a long vacation. I've been asked whether I'll make another run at the presidency, and here's what I've concluded that it might be a nice reprise from the kind of hours I'm putting in now. President Obama is simmering and summering over at Martha's Vineyard, adding to his 186 rounds of golf since becoming president. He's played more golf as president than some folks will play in a lifetime. I've never played golf. Didn't grow up affluent enough to do it and never thought I had the time as an adult. But if I became president and followed in the steps of our current one, I might have time to take up golf, get back into some fishing, play more music, even host lavish parties at the White House with Hollywood celebrities that last late into the night.

    But then, what about the job? It seems that with so many hard working Americans don't have jobs to work hard at; tens of thousands of Christians are getting slaughtered and beheaded by Islamic savages; a dysfunctional and corrupt government that spying on citizens and targeting political opponents. I doubt there would be little time to hang out with the swells at Martha's Vineyard. Now, when innocent people are being slaughtered like sheep, we either kill the wolf or watch the sheep die. ISIS is a cancer. It can't be cured, it's got to be eliminated or people die. We have our most trusted ally, Israel under daily assault by a terror group which has rejected or broken all of the 10 ten so-called ceasefires, and instead of resolutely standing with them against the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated thugs of Hamas, we urge Israel to basically offer up some more dead Jews -- as some Israelis have suggested -- so the body count will be more even.

    I don't begrudge a president for some time off, but to take repeated exotic vacations at taxpayer expense, while millions of Americans don't have enough money for a minor league baseball ticket and a hot dog because of a lousy economy, it just seems unseemly. If President Obama doesn't want to do the job, why did he work so hard to get it? He got what he wanted, he doesn't seem to want what he got. And neither did the American people.

    Have a nice vacation, Mr. President.