• We are within hours of Election Day. Record numbers have early voted, including me. I voted Wednesday so there's nothing that a candidate can do to change my vote. But the campaign is going to continue until polls close Tuesday night.

    Now we've been told for the most of two years this election is going to be about jobs and the economy; I don't disagree with that. It's what the election probably will be about. But this election ought to be about the dramatic difference between two parties, two world views, two candidates, and two futures.

    If you believe the tax more and spend more and have government run more of your life is working for us, then you're going to want to vote for Barak Obama. And if you believe that higher taxes gives government money that could have instead funded your job, then Mitt Romney is more likely your choice.

    I don't pretend to be a predictor of elections, but this much I do know, I sense something very strong moving across this country.

    On August 1st, people lined up and waited in line for hours to buy a chicken sandwich so America would hear their voices. I believe Tuesday, those same people are going to be willing to wait in line for hours to cast a vote so America will feel their votes. This is not just an election about our paychecks. This is an election about our principles.

    I believe everyone's life has value and I don't accept the notion that anyone is disposable or expendable. I'm not going to vote for someone who fails to respect the dignity and worth of every individual. But I also believe this election ought to be about America's place in the world. I am not at all satisfied that we are being given straight and honest answers about the murder of our Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi.

    The lack of transparency and accountability for what happened and the ever-changing stories from this administration are troubling. It's one thing for a politician to embellish a story or stretch the truth just to make a point. But for the government to knowingly and willingly deceive its citizens for political self-preservation -- that's not a political failure, that's a moral failure. Maybe you're willing to overlook that. I am most certainly not.

    We saw the horrors of our fellow citizens abandoned in the neighborhoods of New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, and throughout the Northeast following the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.

    For some of them to wait days for rescue from their flooded homes and then others to go days without food or water in the most resourceful city on earth is unimaginable. And to think that American personnel in Benghazi went for hours without help while under heavy weapons attack -- that's unimaginable.

    We aren't just voting for a personality, we're voting for the trustworthiness of the people we elect. I have faith in people of faith. Those who believe in God and don't think he's out of style and disengaged. And if those people vote their values, they will change the country. But if they stay home, they will be abandoning their children and grandchildren to a government they can't trust, and a future they don't want.

    So if, you stood in line for a chicken sandwich, please stand in line for your country.