• Harry Reid has turned the U.S. Senate into the roach motel -- bills go in but they never come out.

    While the president loves to demonize the House Republicans, fact is they have passed 357 bills that went to the Senate and disappeared faster than incriminating e-mails from Lois Lerner, you know, the rogue IRS official who abused her power and our civil rights by targeting people for harassment whose views she didn't personally like. Now, Americans are smart enough to see that electing Republicans to majority status in the Senate is critical to returning America to being a nation of law. We don't want a nation of Chicago-style gangster politics where those in power simply enforce the laws they like and ignore the ones they don't. We reject elected officials who funnel other people's tax money to their cronies as well as to their donors, in what amounts to nothing less than a reverse Robin Hood -- steal from the poor and give it to the rich and powerful in Washington so they can line their already packed pockets with more graft from the public till. Well, there's only one thing standing in the way of moving Harry Contrary Reid to the back of the room and ending his Godfather-like domination over the nation's business -- only one thing keeping the Republicans from winning enough seats to become the majority party. And that one thing is the Republicans themselves. Jesus said it and Lincoln repeated it -- a house divided against itself cannot stand. And if the GOP is determined to be a house divided, it will be a house destroyed.

    It's fine for those of us in the party to disagree and have spirited debates on issues and candidates. It is not fine for those who don't even belong to the party or who fail to understand it to pretend that they are a purer form of it. I would suggest we cease and desist with the use of the term RINO -- which stands for "republican in name only". Because the "RINO" term reveals an arrogance I doubt the person using the term has ever stopped to realize. See, if I say that someone who has been an active participant in the GOP is a RINO, well, then I have placed myself in an un-appointed and unelected position of singularly determining what is and what is not a legitimate Republican. Now, at that point, I declare that I am personally more powerful than all the collective Republicans in the country and that I have become the "standard" for party orthodoxy.

    Fact is, we do have a process. The RNC is made up of a state committeeman, and committeewoman, and state chair from each of the 50 states. They get elected at the state level from among those who were duly elected at their county levels to be the county committeeman, and committeewoman, and the county chair. They are truly the grassroots of the party -- they're the ones who show up for the meetings, they work at the local level and they ultimately give power to the party and the RNC, through properly elected representatives of the bottom to top members of the party, is the only entity that really has the legitimate power to determine when a person is in good standing.

    Now, for an individual to bypass that entire process and elevate oneself to be the lord and master of the party's purity is the rankest of arrogance and pride. Screaming "RINO!" doesn't typically accurately describe the target, but the use of it reveals the user to be someone who clearly doesn't understand that he or she has not been elected or appointed to be the pope of the party.

    My advice -- don't be a party pooper or a party pope. Just be an unselfish servant for a better America.