• Early voting has already started in many states, and one of the early voters in Chicago was President Obama.

    Oh yes, he did have to produce a photo ID in order to vote. So, help me understand this. If the most recognizable person in the entire United States of America has to show his photo ID, why is it too much to ask that of the rest of us?

    I know it's harder for dead people to vote since most of them gave up their driver's licenses and passports, but if Chicago requires photo ID, it must not be all that much of a voter suppression.

    And for those who say, "We ain't got no voter fraud going on 'round heah" -- well, they must have missed the powerful and disturbing reports filed by our own Eric Shawn, who has exposed numerous instances of voter fraud and vote buying in multiple states. In the state where I was governor for 10 and a half years, Eric reported on Hudson Hallum, he's a sitting Democrat state legislator who pleaded guilty to vote buying in a vodka for voting scheme -- it also involved his father, a city councilman, even a police officer. Now, it must have been bad -- the U.S. attorney appointed by Barak Obama and overseen by Eric Holder filed the charges and got the guilty pleas and of course the resignation.

    To make matters worse, the defense of Mr. Hallum was that he thought it was just the way things were done. That's precisely the problem. It has been in many places. It's just that people don't usually get caught.

    In Virginia this week, Patrick Moran, the son of Democratic Congressman Jim Moran was forced to resign from his father's campaign after an undercover video by James O'Keefe showed the young Moran trying to aid and abet voter fraud by offering suggestions on how to obtain ballots using forged documents.

    I've often joked on the campaign trail that you ought to "vote early and vote often," but I never meant for some people to take that literally.

    A fraudulent vote is a stolen vote. It steals a vote from the thin air and nullifies the legal and legitimate vote of a tax-paying citizen, whose rights to a fair election should not be tampered with. Winning an election is important, but winning it honestly is imperative in a constitutional republic. We expect there to be some ballot manipulation in totalitarian countries with dictators like Chavez, Ahmedinejad, and Castro. We should expect and tolerate nothing less than clean and honest voting in our elections in the United States.

    When I go to vote, the people at my voting station recognize me, even call me by name, but I still gladly show them my photo ID just in case there is some unlucky chump who looks just like me. I don't mind. And the president shows his ID even in his hometown of Chicago. He didn't object either. So let's stop the phony nonsense that requiring an ID disenfranchises voters who are old or black. I'm getting old, and Obama is black, and it didn't disenfranchise either one of us.

    So, vote early, but not often...once ought to do it.