• Any talk that President Obama, his administration or the Democrats are leading some kind of war on Christianity, well that's just plain wrong. Why Obama loves Jesus. Really. Did you hear his comments this week at the National Day of Prayer? Not only did Obama mention Jesus, he took it up a notch and declared that Jesus was supporting the Obama plan for higher taxes.

    Now, I searched all over the New Testament -- you know I actually have a religion degree among my academic pursuits -- but the clearest thing I could find about Jesus and tax policy was pretty simple and summed up like this: 1. Taxes are necessary; 2. Pay what you owe. That's about it. "Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar's, and render unto God that which is His."

    Jesus was serious enough about paying his own taxes that even though he was poor, he got a coin from the mouth of a fish to pay his taxes.

    Now I believe that if the president has his way, we're gonna have to be doing a lot of fishing and we better hope that a bunch of them have been eating coins. No offense to our new Bible teacher, the theologian-in-chief -- but he might want to re-think invoking the name of Jesus to sell his tax plan.

    We are to render unto Caesar what we owe Caesar, even when Caesar is corrupt and wastes what he gets and uses it for stuff we don't like or agree with. But it's the last part of what Jesus said that maybe the president missed -- "Render unto God that which is God's."

    For a man who only gave 1percent of his income away, President Obama might not be in a real strong position to tell anyone what God wants. God requires a dime from each dollar we earn in the expression of the tithe, that kind of our minimum contribution and as an expression that we trust God to bless the 90 percent we keep. I'm not really in the mood to take a lecture about helping the poor from anyone who believes that Jesus wants us to pass the poor people off to the government so the Christians can selfishly keep all they have.

    See it is the church -- not the government -- who ought to be doing all the helping of the poor, but if we follow the government example and give a paltry 1percent to church and then expect the government to do charity, what we're gonna end up with is a government that wants not a dime from a dollar, but 90 cents out of the dollar.

    Now this is not just Obama, it's any candidate -- Democrat of Republican -- who claims to love Jesus and who wants to help poor people, look at his or her contributions. It says all you need to know about how serious they are. And when someone tells you how much they love Jesus to get your vote, see if they love him enough to obey him in giving. Because if they steal from God, they'll probably rob you blind. It's that simple.