• I have a great new recipe that I tried out this week for fried crow. I've been eating a lot of that lately.

    Like many conservatives across the land, I really thought Mitt Romney was going to be elected president. Well, I was quite wrong and so were most of the conservative observers and commentators.

    So America has made a choice. Now let's be clear, it was not the choice I was hoping for, but we did it without bloodshed, bullets. We did it without people with boots and badges dragging us through the streets. Of course, now the hand-wringing begins as Republicans whine about Mitt Romney's campaign or Mitt Romney himself.

    Look, Romney won the primary and he earned the right to carry our banner. He and his campaign team gave it all they had. And I don't agree with those who said that the Obama message of bigger government and more taxes won. It was not an election about a message; it was an election about the machinery to get out the votes for President Obama. And it was a masterful, methodical effort.

    Now as I listened to a lot of fellow television and radio talk show hosts, or even read the opinion columns of those who excoriated Romney, a couple of things occurred to me. If you weren't critical of Mitt Romney and his campaign the day before the election, then don't be a phony and be critical the day after.

    Also, I noted that the loudest critics were people who have never once put their own names on a ballot for anything.

    And since some seem to have perfect insight into how to run a campaign and be a candidate, I sure hope they're going to give us all the benefit of their expertise and maybe they'll sign up to run the next time.

    Oh yeah, there are lessons to be learned for sure. And yes, my party does need to have a more effective outreach to people of color. Those who say that Republicans can't win the votes of African-Americans or Hispanics are simply wrong. I got nearly half of the African-American votes in my own state in my re-election bid for Governor in 2002 so I know it can be done.

    We need to keep the same values and principles, just communicate them with our hearts and not just our heads. We need to remind people what we're for, not just what we're against. And we have got to be to no longer afraid to take a clear and decisive stand for principled issues. But Mitt Romney has my appreciation for giving himself fully to the effort. If he said or did things differently than I would have done them, then so be it. He ran, he won the nomination, and deserved my respect and support.

    I know what it's like to be on the field and actually to be in the game. Most of the critics never got much closer than the nacho stand and they've watched from the comfort of the sky boxes. Look, I love politics, but I will tell you this -- I'm glad it's over.

    The fact is there's more to life than just elections. By the way, later in the show tonight, I'm going show you something even more important to me. I think you'll agree, that elections are very important and they have consequences, but I'm going to congratulate the president and hope that he will lead as well as he campaigned.