• Just days after the uprising at the Egyptian embassy and the terrorist attack in Benghazi in which four Americans, including an ambassador were murdered, I looked you in the eye and said "your government lied to you." The reaction from the left was swift and brutal, accusing me of playing loose with the facts and of politicizing a tragedy. Well I said then and I have continued to say: our Government has lied to us and has engaged in a systematic and deliberate cover-up.

    While I do have friends in the intelligence community and military, it wasn't those relationships that gave that thought to me, that just confirmed what was obvious to everyone, well everyone except the Obama administration which continued to embarrass itself by trotting out people to make the ridiculous assertion that these attacks were some spontaneous reaction to a poorly made 13 minute video about Mohammed.

    This past week, congressional hearings with witnesses under oath established that there was no mob in Benghazi, it was a carefully planned and executed terrorist attack, and that our personnel in Libya had repeatedly begged for more security and reported more than 230 specific security issues. The ambassador himself requested more security. Those pleas were ignored.

    We have a clearer picture of what happened, but still don't know why. Was there such a dogged determination to prove that Al Qaeda and the Taliban was no longer a threat that we would even risk the security of our own people with fingers crossed hoping that nothing would happen? Well one person who clearly understands the ongoing threat is Lara Logan, the courageous veteran CBS reporter who was savagely attacked by a mob of Egyptian thugs during the so-called Arab Spring uprising. Speaking this past week in Chicago, she had this to say:


    LARA LOGAN, CBS NEWS CORRESPONDENT: I knew that we were being lied to and I knew that the American people were being misled. And when it comes to issues that I care about -- like issues of national security - I don't think that politics should dictate your national security policy. And I don't know a journalist that likes being lied to.


    Well, she said the idea that the new crop are moderate, kinder, gentler -- that kind of Taliban -- she says it's "nonsense" pushed by Taliban apologists. She also warned that our leaders are being arrogant in not listening to what our enemies say but in making up their own script. She said she hopes America will exact revenge for the deaths of our people in the Libyan consulate and let the world know that we will not be attacked on our own soil because that's the only message that our enemies understand. Lara Logan's comments are not partisan, they're not political, no, they're based on a professional observation and her personal experience.

    The reason this is of vital importance is because if our government will lie to us about Benghazi, they will lie to us about anything and everything. If the political consequences to this administration are more important than the personal consequences to you and your family, then we have to believe that this election is not just a choice between Democrats and Republicans. It's a choice between an America that is owned by the people and served by the politicians, or one that is owned by the government, who desired to be served by the people.