• Although he was actually sworn in today in a private ceremony, tomorrow is the day for the public swearing in for President Obama to begin his second term.

    If the walk-up to the festivities are any indication, I've got no reason to believe that he's going to seek to build bridges, work for consensus, or abandon the flaming rhetoric calling those who oppose him irresponsible and unpatriotic.

    After the horrific mass murder of children and faculty at Sandy Hook Elementary in Connecticut, there were many pledges of thoughtful and thorough efforts to prevent such atrocities.

    Supposedly, everything would be on the table -- not just access to firearms by criminals or mentally deranged people, but the mental health care system, the role of violence in Hollywood, television, and video games.

    There was also going to be an honest review of possible changes in the law that would be based on hard data and not just the political agenda of one side. Well, so much for that.

    As many of us feared, there will be no executive orders or proposed legislation that might rile the president's Hollywood pals; none of the legislation proposed so far is really about comprehensive mental health care reform; it's all about firing up the same old plans from the left to pass new laws that will limit the freedoms of citizens who haven't broken any laws.

    The emotional rationale has been as the president said this week --


    PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA: If there's even one thing we can do to reduce this violence, if there's even one life that can be saved, then we've got an obligation to try.


    Well we all want to save lives don't we? So here's something hopefully that the president can agree to.

    Since he says he wants to save the lives of children, we can start by ending the national nightmare of the destruction of more than a million unborn children a year who didn't die at the end of a madman's gun, but at the end of an abortionists scalpel and scraper.

    It's been 40 years this Tuesday since the "extreme Court" reached beyond the Constitution and created the notion that there are some lives not worthy to be lived.

    The familiar, but utterly false declaration of many liberals that they want abortion to be rare, but safe is an insult to the intelligence of anyone who thinks that more than a million deaths a year from abortion constitutes rare, and it's hardly safe to the mother, and certainly not to the baby.

    We have said that we want our schools to be a safe sanctuary for our children and we all agree on that.

    Can't we also agree that a mother's womb should also be a safe sanctuary for our children?

    I'll take the president at his word when he says that if we can do one thing to save one life, it will be worth it.

    Well, Mr. President, I await your intervention to save not one, but a million lives a year.

    Let's end this slaughter.