• For the past few weeks, I've traveled to about 48 cities signing "Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlet" and I met several thousand of you who watch the show every week.

    It was obvious that a lot of Americans are frustrated with the political gridlock of both parties, and many of you are genuinely concerned about our country and whether your kids and grandkids are going to have a better life than you.

    The recurring thing I heard over and over was the sense that our leaders aren't leading and they aren't listening. The elections didn't send a clear message since as the song by the Who once said, "Meet the new boss; same as the old boss." Same president; same Senate; same House.

    We truly may have barely moved the chairs around a bit on the deck of the Titanic, but the boat is still sinking. Maybe we've put way too much hope in human beings that clearly are no better than the rest of us at solving problems and in many cases, not nearly as good at it. You at least you balance your checkbook at home and you pay your bills and you show up for work. Washington hasn't balanced its checkbook, it's got to borrow money from the Chinese to pay its bills, and barely shows any real work or progress on our behalf. Maybe they just aren't listening to us anymore.

    Now it occurred to me that if they won't listen to us, I wonder if they would listen to a stronger voice? I wonder if they'd they listen to God? Sometimes he speaks loud and boldly with fire in a burning bush, walls of water parting, or signs and wonders. Sometimes, he speaks in a still, small voice, but it seems like he knows how to get through when he needs to.

    Since the leaders from either party don't seem to listen to us, wonder what would happen if we asked God to speak to them so maybe they'd listen to him? Well, Sunday, January 20, I think would be a good day to do something that might even have more effect than a million voice march on Capitol Hill.

    What if millions of Americans simply prayed that day for our nation, for our leaders, and for our future? I'm not talking about a partisan prayer or one for one side to win over the other, because I'm not sure the almighty would register with either of the parties we have now.

    Not even a political prayer for a certain outcome to be achieved, because I'm not sure that we are smart enough to know what the Creator would like to reveal. But what if millions of Americans just set aside a few minutes of that day to pray for each other, for the president, for Congress, our Governor, our mayors, our legislatures, and our childrens' future?

    You don't have to believe like me or pray like me. I'm sure the lord can figure out if we're sincere. I'm just asking spiritual leaders all over America to call on their friends, their constituents, their congregations, their families, their followers to set aside Sunday, January 20 as a day to pray. Nothing to buy, nothing to attend, no form or formula -- just a day to pray.

    A website is established to simply say you'll participate in your own way on your own schedule, it's at adaytopray.com. Go to the website, just say you'll pray that day. That's it. Adaytopray.com, that's all you've got to remember.

    And maybe if Washington won't listen to us, they'll listen to God. So let's ask Him. It might change our country. It might just change us.