• Breakthrough in Iraq

      The Pentagon says U.S. airstrikes and Kurdish fighters have broken the ISIS terrorists' siege of Mount Sinjar. Thousands of trapped members of the religious minority group The yazidis have been able to escape. It comes as the U.N. declares the situation in Iraq a Level 3 Emergency. That will allow maximum aid to flow to the refugees of what has turned into an Iraq civil war. Terrorists have taken over much of Western and Northern Iraq. Hundreds of thousands have fled. We've Greg Palkot and Jennifer Griffin reporting.

      Islamic terrorists have also seized several towns and villages in Syria. The civil war there has already claimed more than 100,000 lives.

      We're also learning the U.S. will deliver more weapons and aid to the military of Lebanon as Islamic terrorists overrun a town near the Syrian border.

      Israel and the Palestinians have agreed to a five day cease fire in the Gaza strip fighting. A three day cease fire expired, and as the new cease fire was agreed to there was a brief outbreak of violence with eight Hamas rockets fired at Israel. Israel responded with air strikes. The new cease fire is holding however. Conor Powell and Rick Leventhal reporting.

      Jonathan Hunt is reporting today on a Hamas terror funding trial here in New York City. A jury is being asked to decide if a bank should be liable for terrorism that killed Americans.. paid for with funds from that bank.

      There is a status hearing for accused Boston bombing suspect Dzhokar Tsarnaev today in Boston. Molly Line reporting.

      A convoy of some 260 trucks from Russia is still headed for pro-Russian separatists.. they will allegedly be searched by the Red Cross before being allowed on to their final destination. Meantime, the Ukraine crisis is beginning to take a toll on the economy of Europe. German and France both reporting either zero or negative growth last quarter.

      Cisco reporting it's cutting 6,000 jobs.

      President Obama and Hillary Clinton met last night at Martha's Vineyard as tension over comments Hillary Clinton made to The Atlantic Magazine continue to create headlines. Hopefully we'll get more details today.

      New Fox News polling out today on how Americans feel about the Obama presidency, and on the President's handling of foreign policy.

      There were new clashes last night in Ferguson, Missouri over the death of a teenager last weekend. 10 people arrested last night. Mike Tobin reporting.

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