• Senators John McCain and John Barrasso Join "Happening Now" as Jon Scott Anchors From DC

      President Obama meets with House Speaker John Boehner at 11:30am at the White House.

      President Obama is set to announce new manufacturing hubs today in Chicago and just outside Detroit. That is in addition to one in Raleigh, North Carolina announced last month.

      Congress is very skeptical of the Pentagon’s plan to shrink the size of the military to pre-World War II size. Members of Congress have been speaking out against the plans first proposed yesterday.

      Doug McKelway reporting on the growing impact servicing the U.S. debt is having on everything from military spending to entitlements.

      There’s a new tax plan from the GOP that would lower the top income tax rate to 25%, but impose a special 10% tax on income of more than $450,000 a year. Meantime, there are two bills targeting reform at the IRS on the House floor today. Mike Emanuel reporting.

      We get reads on home prices and consumer confidence today.. we’ll watch the markets.

      Mike Tobin reporting on the efforts of former President Bill Clinton in 2014 races.

      Will Carr today is reporting on the horrible drought in California and what it means to the farmers there.. not great news for them.

      Arizona Governor Jan Brewer under pressure from all sides today after a bill passed the Arizona state house that allows business owners to refuse service to people they think are gay or lesbian. She has five days to either veto or sign the legislation.

      Michigan’s ban on gay marriage is going on trial today

      Ukraine in the process of getting a new government after the dramatic fleeing of the former President. He is now missing, but is believed to be in the Crimean peninsula. He could faces charges for the deaths of 82 people mostly protesters.