• Thursday January 24, 2013 Happening Now

      Quite a news day we had yesterday. News on the debt ceiling, women in combat and of course Hillary Clinton's combative appearance before House and Senate panels investigating Benghazi.. Lots to digest.

      Today, we get confirmation hearings for Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts who appear before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. He is expected to be easily confirmed to be the next Secretary of State.

      1000EST -- Senate Foreign Relations Cmte meets to consider the nomination of Sen. Kerry to be Secy of State. LIVE

      Doug McKelyway reporting today on the so-called nuclear option in the Senate on filibusters.

      1100EST -- Sens. Feinstein, Schumer, Durbin, Blumenthal, and Murphy join mayors and law enforcement reps for a press conference on new legislation related to assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition clips. LIVE

      The deep freeze continues for much of the nation.

      We also get weekly jobless numbers today.