• Thursday December 20, 2012 Happening Now

      Good Morning & Happy Holidays

      Um.. has anyone mentioned to President Obama and the U.S. Congress that we go over the fiscal cliff in less than two weeks?

      Both sides digging in their heels, and it's not looking good for a deal. U.S. House Speaker John Boehner still insisting on his "Plan B" which could be voted on in the House. The Senate and the W.H. have called that a non-starter. Should be another exciting day on Capitol Hill. Note that Boehner not due to speak now until after 1pm. Mike Emanuel reporting.

      1100 EST -- The Senate meets.

      1200EST -- The House meets for morning hr and 1200EST for legislative business. Expecting Boehner's "Plan B" on the house floor.

      1100EST -- Rep. Ellison and others hold press conference on the fiscal cliff and social services. LIVE

      1200EST -- Senate Majority Ldr Reid and Sens Durbin, Schumer, and Murray holds news conference to discuss the fiscal cliff. LIVE

      1245EST -- The Natl Cmte to Preserve Social Security and Medicare joins Reps Schakowsky, Edwards, DeFazio and Ellison for a news conference detailing what changing the current cost of living allowance formula to a "stingier" chained CPI will mean for millions of Americans. LIVE

      The other big story today is the Libya debacle. Two top State Department officials will testify at back-to-back hearings of the Senate and House foreign affairs committees. Should be fiery. Congress members will likely demand answers on a fairly damning report out by an independent review panel suggesting security was "grossly inadequate." Already four State Department officials have resigned. Catherine Herridge reporting.


      0800EST -- Senate Foreign Relations Cmte hearing on Benghazi ARB and diplomatic security matters. Deputy Secy of State William Burns and Deputy Secy of State for Management & Resources Thomas Nides testify. LIVE

      There will be funeral services for five more of the 26 dead in the Connecticut massacre today. Vice President Joe Biden will meet with law enforcement officers from around the country today to try to come up with ways to prevent future mass shootings.

      The Midwest being smashed with a huge winter storm today. As much as a foot of snow expected in a wide swatch of the middle of the nation. White Christmas!