• Friday November 2, 2012 Happening Now

      Millions remain without electricity in the tri-state area of NY, NJ and CT. Gas is out in many places, and while public transportation is SLOWLY coming back on line.. things are getting desperate in some locales. Staten Island is especially hard hit, and local leaders are complaining that the borough is being ignored. Homeland Security head Janet Napolitano will travel to S.I. today. We'll shine some attention on conditions there today. We're also getting a more complete picture of the devastation. There is another storm due to hit the area.

      We get a key reading on the economy today with the release of the October jobs report. Analysts expect the unemployment rate to climb slightly from 7.8 to 7.9%. It's the last major read on employment before the election, and will be closely watched.

      With just four days until polls open, both campaigns are going all out. Look for both candidates to react to the jobs numbers and the continuing fallout from Superstorm Sandy.

      President Obama is campaigning in Ohio, First Lady Michelle Obama is in Virginia, VP Biden is in Pennsylvania, Former President Clinton campaigns in Florida.

      Mitt Romney is campaigning today in Wisconsin. VP candidate Paul Ryan is campaigning in Colorado, Iowa and Ohio.


      1020EDT -- POTUS makes remarks at a campaign event. Hilliard, OH. LIVE

      1255EDT -- POTUS makes remarks at a campaign event. Springfield, OH. LIVE

      VP BIDEN

      1215EDT -- VPOTUS makes remarks at a campaign event in Beloit, WI. LIVE via LiveU

      MRS. OBAMA

      1430EDT -- FLOTUS delivers remarks at a campaign event in Hampton, VA.


      1055EDT -- Attends rally at Products Pavilion at State Fair Park, West Allis, WI. ABC LIVE

      1445EDT -- Attends rally at Screen Machine Industries, Etna, OH. CBS LIVE


      1230EDT -- Attends rally at the Black Canyon Jet Center, Montrose, CO. LIVE via LiveU

      1615EDT -- Attends rally at the Univ of Northern IA, Cedar Falls, IA. LIVE via LiveU

      New developments in the terror attack that killed four Americans in Libya. We're starting to get a mass of reports out of the Feds about what led up to the attack, the attack itself, and what happened during and after the incident. Jennifer Griffin reporting on failures of communication on FoxNews.com and our air. Catherine Herridge also continuing her incredible reporting. Senior intel officials now sharing information about what happened to several news organizations. Reports suggest the CIA was more involved and acted more quickly than has been previously reported. We will need to scrutinize all the headlines closely.