• Friday September 28, 2012 Happening Now

      Another day, another round of battleground state polls. WSJ/NBC News polling from New Hampshire, Nevada and North Carolina show a narrower race in those three states with President Obama holding a slight advantage. There are also new Fox News polls.. lots to talk about there.

      President Obama is holding fundraising events in Washington today. Vice President Biden is in holding a Noon event in Boca Raton, Florida.

      Governor Romney is in Pennsylvania for a fundraiser this morning and a rally at Noon.


      1620EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks at a fundraising reception. Capital Hilton, Washington, DC. LIVE

      1805EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks at a campaign event. Private residence. PRINT POOL FOR REMARKS ONLY.

      1825EDT -- POTUS delivers remarks at a campaign event. Capital Hilton, Washington, DC. PRINT POOL FOR REMARKS ONLY


      0830EDT -- Attends fundraiser at the Union League, Philadelphia, PA. CLOSED

      1205EDT -- Attends rally at Valley Forge Military Academy & College, Wayne, PA. LIVE

      1730EDT -- Attends fundraiser with Paul Ryan at the home of Phyllis and Paul Fireman, Chestnut Hill, MA. CLOSED


      1730EDT -- Attends fundraiser with Mitt Romney at the home of Phyllis and Paul Fireman, Chestnut Hill, MA. CLOSED


      1100EDT -- Rep Todd Akin holds press conference in connection with the Missouri Common Sense bus tour. Sheraton Hotel, Kansas City, MO. WDAF TAPE

      This afternoon, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton holds a "Friends of Syria" meeting at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel.. trying to figure out what to do about the civil war raging there. Russia and China are not invited. Meantime, fighting is raging in Aleppo, Syria today as government troops try to force rebels out.

      There is another high level meeting at the U.N. today on preventing nuclear terrorism. We'll look for news from that.

      Speaking of nuclear terrorism, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to the General Assembly late yesterday afternoon. He literally drew a red line on graphic meant to illustrate Iran's path towards a nuke. Despite some bad feelings, Netanyahu did say he thought the U.S. and Israel could find a solution together.

      Meantime, more leaders have come forward to demand answers from the Obama Administration on just what happened in Benghazi and why the investigation and the explanations have been so bungled. We'll keep on this developing story.

      The U.S. Postal Service is close to defaulting on a second multi-billion dollar loan that it says it can't pay. We'll see if the Feds step in.

      Most of the documents that had been kept secret in the Colorado theater massacre will be released this morning. That shooting left 12 dead and another 58 injured.

      The Mars Curiosity Rover has found new signs that Mars may have once had water. Go rover go!