• Friday September 21, 2012 Happening Now

      The stumbles of the White House on the attack on our diplomats in Libya getting a lot of attention today. You'll remember the administration insisted for days that the attack was a spontaneous uprising in reaction to a YouTube video. More and more evidence coming to light suggesting it was a coordinated pre-planned attack. The Obama administration said during "Happening Now" yesterday that it was obviously a terror incident.

      Both campaigns have been curiously quiet about the story.. with President Obama declining to discuss it in depth and the Romney campaign not talking much about it. Some analysts say the Romney campaign may be a little gun shy about talking too much about it after the criticism they received in the initial hours of the attack.

      President Obama was pressed hard in a campaign q&a at an Univision forum.. and the President got questions about his biggest failures.

      Meantime, Governor Romney making much hay about comments from President Obama made that "Washington can't be changed from the inside." The Obama campaign says Mister Romney has made similar comments in the past, but the story is getting some attention.

      The Wall Street Journal is reporting the Obama campaign outspent the Romney campaign in August.

      Mister Romney campaigns today in Nevada. Paul Ryan is expected to go after President Obama on Medicare today at rally duing our hours in New Orleans.

      President Obama speaks at a campaign event during our hours in Woodbridge, VA.

      1105EDT -- Marine One arrives Woodbridge landing zone. TVL POOL TAPE

      1130EDT -- The President will appear at a AARP event via satellite. POOL will shoot from screens at event live.

      1245EDT -- The President delivers remarks at a campaign event in Woodbridge, VA. POOL LIVE


      1315EDT -- The Vice President and Dr. Jill Biden attend a campaign event in Hanover, NH. LIVE via LiveU


      TBD -- Mitt Romney attends a fundraiser in Las Vegas, NV. CLOSED

      1705EDT -- Mitt Romney attends a rally at UNLV, Las Vegas, NV. CBS LIVE

      ...PAUL RYAN / LA, FL

      1235EDT -- Paul Ryan addresses the AARP Life @ 50+ Event at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center, New Orleans, LA. POOL LIVE

      There was a fiery debate between Senator Scott Brown (R) and Elizabeth Warren (D) last night. Molly Line is on that.

      The last of 33,000 surge troops have now left Afghanistan. Probably worth asking Judy Miller about this.

      Expect a day of bad protests today after Friday prayers end across the Islamic world.. Rioting likely as news spreads of a French magazine publishing cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed and in reaction to that YouTube video.

      France has closed 20 embassies. We've got reporters around the world.

      The Shuttle Endeavour arrives over California today.. with flybys of some familiar monuments.. we'll have live pictures.


      1115EDT -- Departure from Edwards AFB. LIVE NASA-TV

      1145 EDT -- Arrival over Sacramento, which includes flyby of state capitol. LIVE KTXL

      1245EDT -- Arrival over San Francisco Bay area, which includes flyby of Golden Gate Bridge. LIVE KTVU

      Oh.. and today is the big day for Apple fans.. the iPhone 5 starts selling..