• Wednesday July 25, 2012 Happening Now

      New concerns about the weak state of the economy today. You've got new weakness in the European economy - even Germany struggling. There is growing concerns over the health of the Chinese economy. Earnings reports in the U.S. have been weaker than expected (Apple disappointed investors last night after the bell). Stocks are down this week in the U.S. and fell again overnight in Asian trade. There are also fears a key GDP report due here this week will not have good news for the U.S. economy. Now the U.S. is facing a huge new tax and spending fight that will coincide with an election. New polling by the Wall Street Journal suggests a quarter of Americans expect the economy to get worse over the next year. The Federal Reserve is reportedly considering moves to intervene and expand its stimulus campaign. We'll ask Joe Trippi what all this means to the race for the White House.

      0930EDT -- The House Financial Services Cmte holds hearing on "The Annual Report of the Financial Stability Oversight Council." Secy Geithner testifies. LIVE

      President Obama is in Seattle this morning. He heads to New Orleans later today for fundraisers and comments at the Urban League Convention.

      Mitt Romney heads to London today for his first overseas trip as the GOP nominee. He'll be in England, Israel and Poland. Carl Cameron is with him. Please note that Romney unleashed a blistering attack last night on President Obama's record.. both on foreign policy and on the economy.

      Romney also attacked the White House over national security leaks. CA Senator Diane Feinstein, however, has walked back comments she made suggesting the White House was behind those leaks.

      We'll also be covering the huge fight that's now taking center stage in Washington.. The battle over sequestration and the Bush and Obama tax cuts. If Congress doesn't act, massive spending cuts are due to go into effect at the end of the year.

      Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano also scheduled to testify today. We'll mine for sound.

      1000EDT -- The House Homeland Security Cmte holds hearing on "Understanding the Homeland Threat Landscape." DHS Secy Napolitano and Natl Counterterrorism Center dir Matthew Olsen testify. LIVE

      Several new developments in the massacre at the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado. James Holmes remains in solitary confinement. Lawyers spent an hour and a half inside the movie theater last night. We're getting new reports from eyewitnesses including some that suggest Holmes stalked the theater shouting and shooting. Holmes's apartment building was searched again. Actor Christian Bale (star of "The Dark Knight Rises") visited with some victims. We've also learned there will be no cameras in the court hearing Monday when Holmes is to be charged.

      New concerns about the growing influence of Al Qaeda among Syrian rebels. We'll ask guests about that. That news coming as violence continues to spread inside Syria. Dominic Di-Natale is on the Israeli border with Syria.. where Israel is increasingly concerned over soldiers crossing into its territory, the threat of fighting spreading over its border and the threat from chemical weapons of mass destruction. Israel is handing out gas masks to thousands of border-area residents. In a strange twist of fate, Iraqis who fled Iraq to Syria during wars in Iraq are now fleeing Syria to return home.