• With: Andrew Breitbart, author, "Righteous Indignation" and Steve Murphy, Democratic media consultant

    MURPHY: You went after Michelle Obama in a very aggressive fashion. I considered that to be inappropriate.

    HANNITY: What did I say -- she said America is a downright mean country for the first time in my life -- do you think America is a mean country?

    MURPHY: I think bin Laden thinks we're a mean country now. He's shark food.

    HANNITY: Do you think America is a mean country? She said, she thinks America is a downright mean country. I shouldn't criticize her for that?

    MURPHY: No, you should have not taken her on in the way you did, absolutely no.

    HANNITY: So, a future first lady can say America is a mean country?

    MURPHY: You are taking it out of context.

    BREITBART: How dare you quote the lady.

    MURPHY: How dare.

    BREITBART: Yes. Well, look Michelle Obama.

    MURPHY: You quoted somebody too completely out of context.

    BREITBART: Michelle Obama tried to get two people kicked off Stanley Kurtz (ph) and David Freddoso, kicked off of right wing talk radio, it is the instinct of the left to try and shut people up on the right. I defended Keith Olbermann when he was suspended.

    HANNITY: I defended your buddy Bill Maher.

    BREITBART: I know, you did as did Rush Limbaugh. We want more voices, not less.

    HANNITY: All right. But here's the point, if it was a conservative, what would we be discussing today? And we're going to get into the bias aspect of this.

    BREITBART: We need to kick them off the air.

    HANNITY: But right now there would be a call -- if I said it, I'd be.

    MURPHY: One hundred percent.

    BREITBART: There would be a campaign.

    MURPHY: Andrew, I'm not a liberal, but I am a Democrat, OK? I don't think Schultz should be fired for something like that.

    HANNITY: I don't either.

    MURPHY: I don't think a Republican should be fired for something like that.

    HANNITY: But if it was me, would the left, would your fellow liberals --


    HANNITY: Answer the question! Would the left be trying to get me fired?

    MURPHY: No, not the mainstream.

    HANNITY: Yes!

    BREITBART: Right now, MoveOn.org has me and Sean Hannity as their top tier of people that they want to shut up. And the Hollywood Reporter, once they got rid of Donald Trump out of the presidency, they said that Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Andrew Breitbart are on the top tier of people that they want to silence.

    MURPHY: Nobody is trying to shut any one of you up.

    BREITBART: That's what they do.

    HANNITY: That's what they do.

    BREITBART: Of course that's what they want to do.


    HANNITY: Shutting us up, shutting us down.

    MURPHY: I want to make one other point about this, the irony is --

    HANNITY: I've been consistent on free speech. I got to run.

    MURPHY: -- it was a sexist comment that Schultz made just like, just like it's a sexist notion


    HANNITY: Well good for Ingrahm for accepting the apology. Shows a lot of graciousness on her part.

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