• With: Tim Tebow, author, "Through My Eyes"

    TEBOW: They did. She believed in me and believed that God had a plan for my life. Even when they're saying I might not even ne a baby, I might just be a tumor. She believed and she had the courage. It was an opportunity to publicly thank her and then also do something to celebrate life. It wasn't being judgmental or putting anybody down.

    HANNITY: Didn't they tell her that you were -- she was going to die if she continued to carry you?

    TEBOW: They said she had a high chance.

    HANNITY: And what was interesting that after you were born is apparently the doctor said it was a bit of a miracle because there was so little of the placenta that was nourishing you --

    TEBOW: I was malnourished when I was born and so, you know, my parents asked everyone to pray and you know, I caught up pretty quickly.

    HANNITY: It looks like it. The brother of yours is resenting every minute of it right now. So what are your future plans? What are you going to be doing from here?

    TEBOW: Well, I have several goals. You know, my dream since I was a boy was to be a quarterback in the NFL. That's something I'm pursuing and I'm working extremely hard to do that.

    And then also, I started the Tim Tebow Foundation. Our goal is to bring faith, hope and love to those needing a brighter day in their darkest hour of need and that is my ultimate goal.

    HANNITY: You are still helping with the family orphanage that you have in the Philippines?

    TEBOW: I definitely am. We are supporting over 600 orphans. We're building a hospital in the Philippines. We have several Tim's playrooms. We are really trying to make a difference because honestly, I want my legacy to be with the kids that I impacted not on the football fields that I played on.

    HANNITY: The more Super Bowl rings you win, you are going to have more impact.

    Tim Tebow, you're a great American. Great to see you. God bless you.

    TEBOW: God bless you.


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