August 19, 2013

Is A-Rod's punishment fair?

Guests: Leeann Tweeden, Jim Gray

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: Welcome back to "Hannity ." Tension was high in Fenway Park last night between the Red Sox and the New York Yankees and who was at the center of the drama, Yankee third baseman Alex Rodriguez. Now it all started during A-Rod's first at bat in the second inning when the Red Sox Pitcher Ryan Dempster grilled him with a fastball. It looked like -- that was the first attempt. Yankee manager Joe Girardi charged on the field and confronted the umpire behind home plate. He got so angry he was ejected from the game.

Now some people are saying that the Red Sox pitcher did it on purpose - that it's fairly obvious. But whatever the case, A-Rod got his payback when he belted a solo homerun later in the game, leading the Yankees to victory. With his suspension looming, what's next with the troubled all-star and is this tension on the field the new norm for America's favorite pastime. Look at this, this is out of control. Girardi takes a swing at one point; literally he comes within an inch of the umpire.

Joining me now with reaction to the A-Rod drama, a former sportscaster, Fox News contributor, Jim Gray and sportscaster for Fox Sports and co-host of UFC Tonight, new mom soon, Leeann Tweeden. How are you guys?

LEEANN TWEEDEN, FOX SPORTS: Soon. Good, thanks Sean.

HANNITY: All right, do we all agree, they were throwing at him on purpose -- everyone agree with that?

TWEEDEN: I agree with that, for sure.


TWEEDEN: I mean, I think Dempster was definitely pitching inside and he threw a couple before the one that actually hit him. And then when Girardi came out, the ump had given both of the benches a warning, which is kind of unfair, because the Yankees had yet to do anything, but that effectively took away CC's try to maybe bean one of their -- to hit one of their hitters --

HANNITY: Well, that's the way the game is played. You hit our player, we hit your player. That's baseball.

TWEEDEN: It is, it is, but when that happened, that took that away from CC and the Yankees effectively. But I think, everybody can agree that Dempster was definitely trying to and then hit A-Rod. But then look what happened, the Yankees ended up hitting A-Rod and he had a great game and was named Player of the Game.

HANNITY: Jim, this was due a report that came out that I know that A- Rod has since denied that his quote, "team" may have leaked the names of other players involved in the Biogenesis issue.

GRAY: Well, yeah and obviously, there are a lot of players in baseball who are very unhappy with A-Rod, just because of everything that has gone on and if you look at what has gone on and transpired, Sean, here in the past several months, it's been all A-Rod all the time. You can forget about what's going on on the field with any of these teams. And there are some great players and great teams having sensational years. The Dodgers out here -- it's just been incredible. But it's all A-Rod all the time. And so, yes it was intentional but he's been hit 21 times before by the Boston Red Sox, so it's hardly like he couldn't have expected this, particularly under these circumstances.

HANNITY: But now here's the question, we have all these suspensions, we really haven't gotten all the facts on the evidence that Major League Baseball has. But 211 games is a lot of games. As I understood it, first offense is 50, second offense is 100 games. Do you think that this is fair? Leeann?

TWEEDEN: Well, I think when Bud Selig came out, the commissioner of Major League Baseball, he said there were multiple infractions -- the drug policy, the collective bargaining agreement, and then going ahead and possibly now looking into his inner circle, releasing names that were redacted from the original write up that came out, that had Alex's name in it that was supposedly released to Yahoo Sports that had Ryan Braun, and Servelli, his own teammate on there as well. So who knows if that's true or not. Usually where there's some sparks there's fire.

And you know what? A-Rod is not liked by a lot of people. And if you go back and look at his prior admitting to using performance enhancing drugs and steroids back in 2001, he said he only used them for three years. How convenient, Major League Baseball in 2004 really started implementing their drug program and testing.

But I think, Bud Selig has to nip this in the bud. It's not good for baseball. There's a lot -- like Jim said, there's a lot of other great stories out there and this is really kind of consuming everything and they need to get it done, 211 is probably -- it's going to arbitration at the end of this season. So something's going to happen, he's still playing throughout the rest of the season.

But it is very disappointing for fans like us that just want to watch baseball and not talk about A-Rod, but if he did take the steroids, and he did take stuff from Biogenesis, he really does need to pay the piper.

HANNITY: Jim, last word.

GRAY: I think it's very fair, yes, and until we know otherwise, look today, Randy Levine said I'm happy to go along with you releasing your medical records. It will show just exactly what the Yankees have had to deal with go ahead. This is all delay, delay, delay. Now Rob Manford who represents Major League Baseball said, Major League Baseball is willing to release all of the evidence, all of this drug evidence against A-Rod.

Well, his attorney said this afternoon and this morning that no. That's just deployed by Major League Baseball, a publicity stunt. So until A-Rod can prove otherwise I believe in this instance since he has already admitted to using performance-enhancing drugs, we have to view him as having committed the crime.

TWEEDEN: And he hasn't denied this last time. That's exactly right he has not denied it this last time as well.

HANNITY: Good to see you both, congratulations, Leeann. When we come back, your choice for video of the day is next.

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