April 30, 2013

Boston attack puts spotlight on immigration debate

Guests: Ann Coulter

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SEAN HANNITY, HOST: New developments tonight in the case of the Boston bombing suspects. Now, according to the Boston Herald, the two brothers and their parents, who no longer live in the United States, received more than $100,000 in taxpayer funded assistance which range from cash and food stamps to subsidize housing from 2002 to 2012.

Now the state agency responsible for doling out the benefits is handing over hundreds of pages of documents to a House committee for review as anger is now growing, the taxpayers -- that means -- you are footing the bill for terrorism.

Now, meanwhile the older brother's radicalization and his associations are now raising questions about what we as a country can do to prevent these types of individuals from entering the United States in the first place. Now should this impact our current immigration policy?

Now, earlier I sat down with Ann Coulter to get her take on this pressing issue.


All right. Joining us now the ever shy Ann Coulter. How are you? Good to see you.


HANNITY: All right. Now, we have the Boston bombing. We learn a lot of things that our law enforcement screwed up, the Department of Homeland Security, CIA was warning about this guy, the FBI was warning about this guy, the Russians were warning about this guy.


HANNITY: How does this connect to the immigration debate? Because you were on the cover on Drudge last week and the issue is, immigration is not just about borders, it's also about visas.

COULTER: Right. Well, as I've mentioned before, Ted Kennedy's 1965 immigration act was specifically designed to bring in mostly third world immigrants and to block immigrants from the countries that we've traditionally taken immigrants from, the made-up America, IE Europe, heavily Europe. And so, I went through just I mean, recent mass murders committed by immigrants who come here, can't make it in this country, they are angry at the country and lash out at Americans. There are about a dozen of them.

Just in 2010, 2011, 2012 committed by immigrants who were not, you know, doing the jobs Americans wouldn't do. They were here like suspect one and suspect two, which by the way have become the popular way to identify them because no one can pronounce their names. You know, they are here, their families are on welfare, the suspects are on welfare and meanwhile, you know, they're talking about how they hate America.

HANNITY: But the Saudi -- this was a stunning statistics to me. Saudi Arabia literally had a 500 percent increase since 9/11/2001 in student visas.

COULTER: Right. And let me add to that point, often the refugee status, asylum status is based on these guys being considered, you know, they're being persecuted by their home governments. Sometimes they are being persecuted for the reason. I think that's how the "Blind Sheikh" guy in, the guy who shot up the Empire State building, he gets in, or maybe it was the encounter at LAX, they get in because you know, they are members of the Muslim Brotherhood and Egypt doesn't like -- or whatever country it was, doesn't like the Muslim brotherhood. Why do we bring them in?

HANNITY: We can be pretty stupid as a country. We have dumb politicians. Here's my question though. If you grow up in Saudi Arabia for example, let's see, you grow up in a society where women must be covered, where women cannot drive.


HANNITY: Women cannot be seen in public without a male that they are related to, they have the morality police walking around. You need four male eyewitnesses to prove rape and we know, the issue of divorce, and marriage and men.


HANNITY: You know --

COULTER: And that culture is coming here instead of them becoming -- assimilating it in some way in our culture.

HANNITY: Here's my question. But the point is, growing up there, and then coming here, if you have been taught that that's the right way, then you are going to think that America is evil and open. Look, women aren't covered, they are in bikinis.


HANNITY: I mean, shocking.

COULTER: No. Not only that cultural difference, because our immigration policy does not discriminate in favor ever people who are educated, who speak English, who have skills we need, we are bringing in, you know, push cart operators, these guys up in Boston who had no visible skills. I mean, the one -- the father talking about, oh, he was going to be a great doctor. He was studying to be a nurse and he was failing all of his courses. How is this an addition to America?

And the point, the important point I think, you have recent immigrants, 85 percent from the third world. More than 60 percent of them need government assistance. Now, you know, the amnesty advocates like Rubio will say, oh, but it's only 30 percent more than the native born Americans. And my point is zero immigrants should be collecting government assistance. If you are collecting government assistance, it seems to me, can't we all agree you are not the kind of immigrant we need in America here? Zero immigrants should be committing mass murder.

HANNITY: If you grow up in a society that has Sharia law as its basis in law, you have been indoctrinated.


HANNITY: -- to a system that is totally completely and utterly contrary to our constitution in our way of life.


HANNITY: Are we making a mistake by just assuming, oh, everybody's inherent natural God-given desire to be free will transcend whatever cultural mores you are indoctrinated in to?

COULTER: You are absolutely right. And two points on that, we've completely given up trying to assimilate them. We do not have, you know, I mean, the worst place to send, I would say, anyone is to an American university. You can go into the university a patriot and you will come out hating America and this is supposed to be good?

The second point, there is a reason, for example, the Constitution says to be president you have to have been born in the United States t isn't just Obama that started these conspiracy theories. Chester Arthur, his father was from Canada and there was a big thing over was he an American because there is an idea. They were, I think, the only two presidents whose fathers, whose parents were not both born in America. There is something to having been here, having been native. We know we have our own native born losers, murderers, welfare recipients, fine, we will deal with them.

HANNITY: Why are we supporting more?

COULTER: And your point how they are brought up and the culture and everything, when I was speaking at Syracuse last week, an angry third worlder, I think a Muslim, got up and asked a question.

HANNITY: Why do you say "mooslem"? Muslim.

COULTER: I'm trying to be sensitive how they say it. He said, "You have to understand" -- clearly with an accent, an immigrant -- "you have to understand the reason we hate Americans is because of the things America is doing around the world." And he was very angry about it. I said "Look, fine, I understand that. My point is you should not be immigrating here. Stay in your country and hate us."

HANNITY: Hate us over there. I've never understood the American left and why they aren't more outspoken as conservatives are for women's rights, women that live under these oppressive regimes, Sharia law for example.

And we have to roll. Ann Coulter, we always love having you. Good to see you.

COULTER: Good to see you.

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